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TailwindCSS 2.0 released

TailwindCSS is CSS framework that makes styling of the front-end apps much easier, simpler and cleaner. It sports cool features such and its performance is phenomenal. 


So what's new in TailwindCSS v2?

There are quite a few changes and we will try and shortly describe them below.


Ring width

The new ring width is simply a semi-transparent border around an element creating this "ring" effect.

In fact, the ring feature is actually a box-shadow.


Dark mode

Dark mode is a class that turn your app into dark mode while keeping the default design.

This should work similarly to what dark mode is in most modern operating systems.


Extended colour palette

There are now many more colours in TailwindCSS colour palette. That includes grayscale colour with beautiful scales of warm grey, cool grey and, of course, true grey. You can create your own palettes and name them to your needs.


You may want to check TailwindCSS documentation. It is beautiful and informative with tons of examples.

The TailwindCSS Play, the framework's playground is also worth looking at. There you can see how simple and effective this CSS framework is.



TailwindCSS become our front-end framework of choice here at Internet Mate and we decided to use it for every website development project.

TailwindCSS with extended colour palette