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AWS Lambda Now 1ms Billing granularity means cost savings

You would be charged for rounded up nearest 100ms for running one AWS Lambda request on Amazon Web Services (AWS). That is until now. 

Amazon Web Services now introduce 1 millisecond billing granularity for each Lambda request. This means huge savings on the serverless service for many, making serverless computing on AWS even more cost effective. With 1 free million requests per months and 400,000 GB-seconds of compute time per month, it is truly a no brainer. 


Serverless development

We can help if you need to

  • code and deploy AWS Lambda services to run serverless functions
  • develop and deploy serverless REST API build on Serverless Framework, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda
  • configure a CDN distribution network on Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront for your assets


Our AWS certified engineers at Internet Mate are ready to help.


Please do not hesitate to email us on for enquiries.

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