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Our online dating project now running on TailwindCSS and ReactJS

Our 100% free dating website has experienced a front-end re-design of all public facing pages, that is Home, Login, Registration and other page (except the blog). Thanks to TailwindCSS and ReactJS, our dating website is now faster, lighter and with improved user experience.

We have started the project back in 2016. Custom CSS with some Bootstrap and jQuery would still be a common choice as these were proven front-end (JavaScript and CSS) frameworks back then. 

But towards the end of the 2010s, this front-end stack started feeling its age as new frameworks and libraries gained on popularity. Performance, modularity, code reusability but also the ability to find a good front-end developer were increasingly obvious and the decision to rebuild the front-end in TailwindCSS and ReactJS was made.

How the SEO performs over time is yet to be seen.

The works to re-design the private section behind login is planned for the near future.