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AWS Lambda Now 1ms Billing granularity means cost savings
You would be charged for rounded up nearest 100ms for running one AWS Lambda request on Amazon Web Services (AWS). That is until now.
TailwindCSS 2.0 released
TailwindCSS is CSS framework that makes styling of the front-end apps easier, much easier. It sports cool features such and its performance is phenomenal. So what's new in v2?
Our online dating project now running on TailwindCSS and ReactJS
Our 100% free dating website has experienced a front-end re-design of all public facing pages, that is Home, Login, Registration and other page (except the blog). Thanks to TailwindCSS and ReactJS, our dating website is now faster, lighter and with improved user experience.
Facebook boycott

As of today, we are not only pulling out from advertising on Facebook, we are also in process of removing our business from Facebook entirely starting with removing Internet Mate Ltd page today to start with. #facebookboycott

Drupal 9 released

Drupal has been released on June 3, 2020. The new major version of this popular CMS comes with several improvements from which probably the most important is that upgrading and migration major versions should be a much smoother process. 

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PHPUnit Laravel database test SQLite in file vs SQLite in memory
What is the PHPUnit test run time difference between SQLite file database vs SQLite in-memory database?