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New version of Stonewoods website launched

We have launched a brand new website for our client, Stonewoods Limited. It is available on the original internet address:

The old version that we coded back in 2008 was written in Zend Framework and custom vanilla PHP classes, forming a pretty good and well performing content management system (CMS). However, as the Internet evolved since then and a requirement came from Stonewoods to make the website responsive, it was time modernise the website. We managed to convince Stonewoods Ltd to create the website from scratch in a popular open-source CMS software, Drupal (version 7).

This was pretty easy; the Drupal installation and configuration was as straightforward as it can get, and the content migration (approx. 1,000 products in some 200 categories) was only a 2 and a half day task. The file assets are stored on Amazon S3 via CloudFront, forming fast (and very cheap) CDN. All is nicely cached, and CSS and JavaScript files aggregated to the max. This way serves web content fast.

Stonewoods Ltd Drupal CMS website created by Internet Mate Ltd.